Machairodus sp. skull

Machairodus sp. skull

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Gansu Province, China
Specimen size:
39*23*14 cm (15.35*9.06*5.51")
5,3-11,6 mln years


The skull of mahairod, a saber-toothed representative of the cat family, shows its terrible grin. Huge fangs are the hallmark of all saber-toothed cats that are sometimes called saber-toothed tigers. In fact, it was the mahairod that most of all resembled a tiger, while the rest of the saber-toothed cats resembled stocky lions without a mane.

Machairod was a large predator, reaching 1 - 1.2 meters at the withers and weighing 240 kg or more. It is assumed that the Mahairod hunted from ambush, attacking large prey: deer, bulls, young elephants and rhinos. It is clearly visible that their fangs are not a fragile, elegant decoration, but a serious weapon. 

Powerful canine roots reach almost to the eye sockets. The outer edge of the fangs has a serrated edge, similar to the teeth of sharks or tyrannosaurus rex. The jaw joint made it possible to open the mouth almost 100 °, and the blow applied from top to bottom with the help of the neck muscles. Wounds inflicted on the victim's throat or abdomen were horrific and resulted in rapid death. 

The skull was found in China, and is in excellent condition. Its length is 39 cm. The skull is mounted on a stand and can serve as an incredibly brutal interior object.

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