Mollusk shell Campanile giganteum

Mollusk shell Campanile giganteum

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Damery, France
Overall size:
41*42*12 cm (16.14*16.54*4.72")
41-48 mln years


This spectacular, unicorn horn-like shell, 40 cm long, is the only thing left of a huge snail that lived more than 40 million years ago.

Campanile giganteum is the name of the giant. In Latin "Campanile" means "bell tower", the name the mollusk got for its tall, cone-shaped shell. This is one of the largest snails in history, and there are specimens of 60 cm or more.

The origin of Campanile giganteum is France, which in those early days was a shallow sea gulf. The huge snails lived in coastal waters at shallow depths, where they formed clusters. Therefore, they are sometimes found in small groups.

Due to their size, Campanile giganteum shells are well preserved and can serve as a decoration for any collection.

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