Meteorite Imilac 163 g

Meteorite Imilac 163 g

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Atacama Desert, Chile
Specimen size:
14,5*10 cm (5.71*3.94")
Specimen weight:
163 g (5.75 oz)
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A beautiful specimen of the Imilac meteorite in the form of a polished slice. Imilac is a pallasite. Only a few dozen meteorites of this class have ever been found. On the meteorite slice one can see a characteristic feature of the structure of pallasite: olivine crystals seem to immerse in a metallic “foam”, creating fantastic patterns. Imilac is known among collectors for the high concentration of olivine in specimens. The play of colors on the edges of olivine crystals is clearly visible under accent lighting. Another feature is the smooth surface of the metal sections, devoid of Widmanstetten lines.

The slice can be used either as an independent interior item or placed on a magnetic stand.

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