Prognathodon sp. skull

Prognathodon sp. skull

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Khourigba Province, Morocco
Specimen size:
140*50*60 cm (55.12*19.69*23.62")
66-72 mln years


Prognathodon overtoni is a member of the mosasaur family, a marine reptile that was widespread in the late Cretaceous. Its fossilized remains are found in North Africa, Europe and the USA. The specimen that you can now see is one of the largest specimens in the world. Its length reaches 1.4 meters. In comparison, the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skull is 1.5 m long.

Heavy powerful jaws and massive teeth look terrifying even in a petrified form. The look of empty eye sockets, protected by bone rings, gives you goosebumps. According to experts, this skull belonged to an individual more than 11 meters long and could weigh 7-9 tons. Just imagine a lizard almost the size of a trolleybus!

The massive teeth of the Prognatodon crushed the shells of sea turtles and the bones of large fish with equal ease. The skin of the prognatodon was covered with small diamond-shaped scales, the paws had long turned into flippers, and the tail had a vertical fin, similar to a shark.

The skull of Prognathodon consists of more than 20 separate elements fixed on a special stand. It turns out simply incredible in its brutality paleontological constructor. The preservation of the skull is very high - the level of restoration is minimal, within 10-15%. If there is a standard for the concept of museum quality then it is in front of you.

Certificate of authenticity

Ко всем зубам мозазавров прилагается иллюстрированный сертификат.

Мы гарантируем 100% подлинность всех образцов, представленных в нашем магазине. Риск покупки подделки в данной категории равен нулю. Когда-то это группа морских рептилий была очень многочисленна, поэтому сегодня на территории Марокко их зубов находят бесчисленное множество, и найти такой зуб гораздо проще, чем подделать. 

При желании может быть сделана независимая экспертиза.


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Prognathodon sp. skull

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