Meteorite Seymchan 57 g

Meteorite Seymchan 57 g


Magadan region, Russia
Specimen size:
11,5*5,5*0,2 cm (4.6*2.17*0.07")
Specimen weight:
57 g (2.01 oz)
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Seymchan is one of the most beautiful meteorites found on the territory of Russia. The first meteorite fragment was discovered in the Magadan region back in 1967. A large metal block weighing 272 kg was lying in the dry bed of a taiga stream.

The rise of small fragments of this meteorite continues to this day. The remoteness of the search area and the beautiful structure of the specimens make the Seymchan meteorite a valuable acquisition for collectors.

A complex compound of an iron matrix forms its unusual structure. On the metal sections, one can notice a pattern of Widmannstetter lines. These are traces of metal crystallization in space conditions.

The slice can be used either as an independent interior item or placed on a magnetic stand.

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