Agriochoerus skull

Agriochoerus skull

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South Dakota, USA
Specimen size:
23*11,5*12,5 cm (9.06*4.53*4.92")
30-35 mln years


Agriocharus is a representative of rather strange mammals that lived in the Eocene in North America. According to all the ma features (structure of the skull, dental system, etc.), Agriochoerus is classified as an artiodactyl animal, however, it did not have hooves. Both the front and hind legs were equipped with claws, and the paws themselves looked more like a cat's. The lumbar spine also had similarities with feline anatomy. They assume that Agriochoerus could climb trees well, or fed on tubers that it dug up with its paws.

The skull of Agriochoerus is elongated, resembling that of a peccary or a pig. The teeth are large, with a well-defined chewing surface; the morphology is typical for herbivores. Large fangs could play the same role as those of pigs - helping to protect from predators and fighting. The large lower jaw and sagittal crest indicate well-developed masticatory muscles. The skull is in excellent condition and is of high collectible value.

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