Camarasaurus claw

Camarasaurus claw

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Utah, USA
Specimen size:
8*4,5*2 cm (3.31*1.77*0.79")
145-155 mln years
Specimen weight:
44,9 g (1.58 oz)


Camarasaurus stands out from all sauropods with its head, which has an almost square shape. Otherwise, it is the same long-necked, tailed and herbivorous giant as its brethren. With a length of 15 - 23 meters, Camarasaurus could reach the weight about 47 tons. These giants spent most of their lives moving from place to place in search of food. Four columnar legs carried the massive body above the ground, supporting the enormous weight of the animal. They had shortened fingers that were hidden in connective tissue. On the front paws, there was one claw, on the back paws three.

The claw in front of you was located on the hind leg. It has a rough, curved shape and a blunt, rounded tip. During the life of the animal, the claw was covered with a horn sheath.

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