Palm tree Sablites sp.

Palm tree Sablites sp.

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Green River, Wyoming, USA
Specimen size:
261*153 cm (102.76*60.24")
48-53 mln years


This huge palm leaf has preserved to this day thanks to the unique conditions of the area known today as the Green River Formation. In the Eocene, about 50 million years ago, there was a system of lakes. The calcareous silt that accumulated at the bottom of the lakes served as an excellent preservative, ensuring the protection of the remains of animals and plants. The silt impregnated the smallest pores in the tissues of plants, so even the thin fibers of the leaves were petrified while maintaining their structure.

The result of this process is amazing. Minerals that replaced organic matter have preserved an exact copy of the palm leaf to this day. Extracted from the rock mass and framed, the limestone tile with a leaf of a prehistoric plant will become a stylish decoration for a living room or home library.

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