Museum quality megalodon tooth 16,2 cm (6.38 ")

Museum quality megalodon tooth 16,2 cm (6.38 ")

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North Carolina, USA
Specimen size:
16,2 cm (6.38 ")
2,6-23 mln years
Specimen weight:
539 g (19 oz)


The huge megalodon tooth from North Carolina is one of the largest specimens that fell into our hands. On average, the length of the teeth of this predator is about 11 - 13 cm, but this tooth reaches an incredible mark of 16.2 cm, whilst its mass is 539 grams! So far, this is the largest tooth we have ever put up for sale. The size of the teeth of a megalodon correlates with the size of the body, and the owner of this tooth must have been a real monster with a length of more than 15 meters.

Contrasting colors attract attention. The yellowish enamel and light chestnut color base are separated by a crimson triangle of petrified bone tissue. There has been a minor restoration of the tooth on the front side (several small cracks are hidden), on the backside (part of the enamel at the root has been restored) and at the root (the missing fragment has been restored). 

The restoration was carried out at the highest level, and the cost of the tooth reflects its presence: a tooth of this size and color without restoration could easily exceed the mark of 2 million rubles.

Despite the restoration, the size, color and preservation of the notches make it possible to classify this specimen as a museum item, worthy of being both on display, attracting the attention of the public or in a private collection.

Certificate of authenticity

Ко всем образцам прилагается иллюстрированный сертификат.

Мы гарантируем 100% подлинность зубов мегалодона, представленных в нашем магазине. Мы работаем с узким кругом поставщиков из США с безупречной репутацией. Образцы закупаются непосредственно у поисковиков, минуя посредников.

Кроме того, зубы мегалодона относятся к категории окаменелостей, риск покупки подделки в которой практически равен нулю. Зубов находят огромное количество, и сложность заключается не в том, чтобы найти сам зуб, а в том, чтобы найти большой или хорошо сохранившийся образец.

При желании может быть сделана независимая экспертиза.

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