Meteorite Dronino 49,13 g

Meteorite Dronino 49,13 g


Ryazan region, Russia
Specimen size:
8,5*7*0,2 cm (3.35*2.76*0.07")
Specimen weight:
49,13 g (1.73 oz)
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A fragment of the Dronino meteorite was discovered in the Ryazan region in 2000. The area of the cut is polished to a mirror shine creating a sharp contrast with the rest of the fragment surface.

The untreated surface displays the shape magnificent in its complexity. This is one of the distinctive features of the Dronino meteorite. Deep grooves lay alongside the surface of the meteorite. The melting crust is smooth in certain areas while in others it forms streaks and layers with ragged edges. The color of the item is silver-gray with golden reflections.

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