Lunar meteorite NWA 13974 99,4 g

Lunar meteorite NWA 13974 99,4 g

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Northwest Africa
Specimen size:
5,5*4,5*4,5 cm (2.17*1.77*1.77")
Specimen weight:
99,4 g (3.51 oz)
Lunar meteorite NWA 13974
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Lunar meteorites are one of the rarest types of meteorites. Only about 140 of such specimens are known, and one of them is NWA 13974. The abbreviation indicates the place of discovery, North West Africa.

The meteorite has a light gray surface with a metallic sheen, melted and covered with regmaglipts – surface depressions that remain after a cosmic body passes through the atmosphere. According to its chemical composition, it is a breccia of volcanic origin, containing mineral clastic material.

Lunar meteorites are the result of the fall of large space bodies to the Moon’s surface. The explosion that occurs in the moment of meteorite impact ejects part of the rock into space and some fragments, ending up in the Earth's gravity field, fall on our planet in the form of meteorites. This is the only legal way to get a piece of the lunar surface into your collection!

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