Meteorite Taza (NWA 859)

Meteorite Taza (NWA 859)

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Taza, Morocco
Specimen size:
10,7*16,5*0,3 cm (4.19*6.5*0.12")
Specimen weight:
228 g (8.04 oz)
Taza (NWA 859)
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Slice made of rare iron meteorite Taz, also known as NWA 859. 

The slice has an unusual shape, reminiscent of a triangle or the Indian subcontinent. The color is silver, metallic. The raw edges of the plate preserve the melting crust and the reddish-brown color of the meteorite surface.

On the surface of the saw cut one can see the finest pattern of Widmanstätten figures. Crystals of two forms of iron, kamacite and taenite form this pattern. In outer space, hot metal cools very slowly, which makes it possible to form a matrix of crystalline structures, which we see on the cut. The size of the figures on the Taza meteorite is unique and very different from other meteorites - the stripes are very small and look like little stars.

The Widmanstetten structure is a guarantee of the authenticity of the meteorite. It cannot be recreated in the laboratory.

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