Lunar meteorite NWA 11524 20,47 g

Lunar meteorite NWA 11524 20,47 g

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Northwest Africa
Specimen size:
9,1*7,5 cm (3.58*2,95")
Specimen weight:
20,47 g (0.72 oz)
Lunar meteorite NWA 11524
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The meteorite NWA 11524 has an unusual origin. The fact is that this is one of the rarest meteorites - lunar. In total, about 140 such findings are known.

Lunar meteorites are formed when a large cosmic body falls on the surface of the Moon. The explosion throws rock fragments into space; some of them get into the Earth's gravity field, and fall on our planet in the form of meteorites.

It is clearly seen on the saw cut that NWA 11524 has a heterogeneous structure: small and large grains of various minerals and clastic material are located in the basalt matrix.

The NWA 11524 meteorite is a rare collector's item that gives a unique opportunity to have a small piece of the Moon at home.

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