Martian meteorite NWA 12269 9 g

Martian meteorite NWA 12269 9 g

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Specimen size:
6,1*4 cm (2.4*1.57")
Specimen weight:
9 g (0.32 oz)
Martian meteorite NWA 12269


Many people dream of going to another planet, and we believe that someday flying to Mars will be no more difficult than to Kamchatka. As for now, we are far from regular space flights, however you already have a chance to get an alien souvenir.

The NWA 12269 meteorite is not an ordinary stony meteorite, thousands of which fall to Earth every year. NWA 12269 is a piece of Martian rocks, a fragment of a planet that is at least 55.76 million km away from us!

When large meteorites fall on the surface of Mars, rock fragments, which are knocked out by the explosion, can be ejected into space. Gyrating in a spiral towards the Sun, they cross the Earth's orbit and, being captured by its gravitational field, become meteorites themselves. There are 239 such Martian rocks known on Earth, and one of them can become yours!

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