Meteorite Campo del Cielo 20,5 kg

Meteorite Campo del Cielo 20,5 kg

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Chakras and Santiago del Estero, Argentina
Specimen size:
21*24*23 cm (8.27*9.45*9.06")
Specimen weight:
20,5 kg (45.19 lbs)
Campo del Cielo
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A large fragment of the Campo del Cielo meteorite discovered in the north of Argentina in the 16th century. 

Campo del Cielo fell to Earth about five thousand years ago, and its age is estimated at 4.5 billion years. This is an iron meteorite, rarer than stone ones. Small fragments of iron meteorites usually oxidize over such a long period of time and nothing remains of them. All modern fragments of the Campo del Cielo meteorite are formed by crushing the preserved large pieces.

The fragment of the meteorite has a solid weight (20.5 kg) and an irregular shape with a complex surface relief and a prominent sharp “tail”. The surface is covered with large dents - regmaglipts. This spectacular specimen can please a true connoisseur of meteorites.

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