Apatosaurus vertebra

Apatosaurus vertebra

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Morrison, Colorado, USA
Specimen size:
77*46*20 cm (30.31*18.11*7.87")
146-156 mln years
Specimen weight:
32 kg (70.55 lbs)


This truly enormous vertebra once belonged to the Apatosaurus, one of the most famous representatives of the long-necked herbivorous dinosaurs. 

Apatosaurus lived at the end of the Jurassic. They were not the largest among the sauropods, but exceeded the size of any modern land animal. Apatosaurus reached 22 meters from nose to tail, and weighed between 20 and 30 tons, according to various estimates.

The vertebra is impressive in size no less than its owner is. Its height is 77 cm. To compare, the entire spine of a tall man has this length. This is a tail vertebra, one of the first in the 11-meter tail. It has a complex morphology. The vertebral body is round, flattened; lateral processes are wide, wedge-shaped; the spinous process long, slightly curved backwards. Below the lateral process, there are noticeable depressions for air sacs that run along the entire spine. They reduced the weight of the animal and took part in the process of respiration.

Apatosaurus vertebra is a serious exhibit for a private museum, and a significant addition to the collection of a sophisticated fossil connoisseur.

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