Theropod claw

Theropod claw

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Hell Creek, USA
Not identified
Specimen size:
2,2 cm (0.87")
66 mln years
Specimen weight:
2 g (0.071 oz)


Claw of an unknown dinosaur from the Hell Creek Formation. Findings of fossils that are difficult to identify are quite common in paleontology. In this case, it was only possible to determine that the claw belonged to a theropod. This group includes carnivorous dinosaurs that move on two legs.

About 15 species of theropods are known from the Hell Creek Formation, and they are very different from each other. These are both little feathered troodons, and a fast dakotaraptor up to 6 meters long, and, of course, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex. It is obvious that the claw belonged to a large species, but we do not know to which exactly.

The claw itself is well preserved; it is the last phalanx of the finger with a curved shape. During the life of the dinosaur, it was covered with a horny sheath. This specimen may become the most mysterious one in your collection, because, who knows, perhaps it belongs to a completely unknown genus of dinosaurs?

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