Hypacrosaurus vertebra

Hypacrosaurus vertebra

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Montana, USA
Specimen size:
23*22*4 cm (9.026*8.66*1.57")
74,2 mln years
Specimen weight:
2,3 kg (5.07 lbs)


Hypacrosaurus is a member of the family of duck-billed dinosaurs that were widespread in the Cretaceous. These herbivores may well be called the "cows"of the dinosaur world. A complex dental system and a keratinized beak on the muzzle allowed effective grinding of a wide variety of vegetation.

Hypacrosaurs were quite large animals, reaching up to 9 m in length and weighing about 4 tons. The bones of the skull formed a crest, resembling a "helmet" of a cassowary. Another distinctive feature is the long and thin processes of the spinous vertebrae, which created a ridge on the back.

In our case, the spinous process is broken; otherwise, the vertebra is well preserved. The vertebral body is flattened; the spinal canal has a relatively small diameter. This is a good specimen with a high collectible value.

Certificate of authenticity

Ко всем окаменелостям динозавров прилагается иллюстрированный сертификат, который станет прекрасным дополнением к окаменелости, купленной в подарок.

Мы гарантируем 100% подлинность всех образцов, представленных в нашем магазине. Мы работаем с узким кругом поставщиков из США и Марокко, покупая все образцы из первых рук.

При желании может быть сделана независимая экспертиза.


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