Spinosaurus claw

Spinosaurus claw

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Kem-Kem, Morocco
Specimen size:
9,2 cm (3.62")
93-112 mln years
Specimen weight:
20,31 g (0.72 oz)


Spinosaurus needs no introduction. This predatory dinosaur is known no less than the tyrannosaurus rex, with which it competes in size. There are no complete skeletons of Spinosaurus, so its estimated length ranges from 10-12 to 16 meters. The weight of the predator reached 7 - 9 (or perhaps 12) tons. However, it is not the size itself that makes the Spinosaurus popular, but its lifestyle and specific appearance. This is one of the few dinosaurs that lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Scientists debate whether Spinosaurus spent more time in the water or on land. Still, it was definitely a great big fish hunter.

Spinosaurus' forelegs were long and muscular, and each had three razor-sharp claws. One of these claws is in front of you. When the dinosaur was still alive, it was covered with soft tissues and a horn sheath. Blood vessels were located in the groove along the claw. The wide base of the claw is the place of attachment to the phalanx of the finger. The claw has a high degree of preservation and an interesting coloration.

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